If you don’t already know me, this blog is one way to have an idea of who I am. It’s where I’ll share occasional information about what I am doing for work, society, or myself. I’m an editor, writer, and publisher. I also love to cook, walk, and enjoy pets. I’m not likely to get too personal on this page, but I will sometimes share information about things that are important to me.

Sometimes folks want to follow me on social media. I have a Facebook page for my writing, as well as one for my company, Obatron Productions. I use my personal page on Facebook to keep up with personal friends and family only. However, my Google+ page is wide open. Just let me know why you circled me if you do. That way I’ll add you back and put you in the right circled. I’m also on Twitter. Again, I have a writing account, company account, and a personal account. I don’t share much at all on the personal account. If we’ve worked together professionally in some way, I’m much more likely to connect with you in LinkedIn than if we haven’t.

Other things you might want to know about me: I’m an RPG enthusiast. If you don’t know that RPG means role-playing games, that’s probably not the circle you’d want me to put you in on G+! I’m not much into online games, favoring tabletop versions instead. I am co-owner of Obatron Productions. I’m a temporarily lapsed Rotarian. I am politically and civic minded, but limit conversations about politics since so that’s one of those controversial subjects. I consider myself spiritual, not religious. Another subject I don’t talk much about. I don’t like dealing with the “my way is the only way” view of the matter.

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