Hello world!

After creating this blog on 9/28/2011, I’m finally doing something with it on 12/27/2013. The first thing I’m doing is saying, “Hello world!” Because it’s just a fun title to leave as the default.

Okay, technically, that’s the second thing I’m doing with it. I finally changed the About information and put something useful there. Well, semi-useful. I still have do deal with links and such, but didn’t feel like it just yet.

The reason I even did anything with it today is because I want to be a contributor to a Flash Fiction blog and realized people might look at my Word Press blog if that happens. So, here we are. You and me. Hope you like what you see!

About vickeya

I am a writer in upstate NY. While I focus on the role-playing game (RPG) industry, I am also working on short stories and longer works.
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